Hydraulic components and complete hydraulic installations

Systemhydraulikk Inc provides hydraulic components and complete hydraulic installations to the production and offshore industries.
Our product range includes a wide selection of high quality products from some of the leading European manufacturers - hydraulic valves, filtering, pumps, motors, water hydraulic solutions, measuring devices, and electronics.

Naturally we also perform hydraulic installation service, and provide ongoing hydraulic installation maintenance.

In addition we provide a number of value added services like standard and custom hydraulic training courses, consultancy, product development, hydraulic installation design and planning.

Many of our projects contain specifications for non-existing solutions. This can be new ways of solving specific tasks, or solutions requiring totally new components.

Systemhydraulikk Inc has extensive experience with this type of projects and look forward to talking to you about ideas you might have regarding challenges where hydraulics might be the answer.

Our value proposition
High quality products, along with an extensive experience and understanding of our customer’s needs enable us to provide the right solution for your specific requirements.

Knowing what’s expected of us, our goal is to provide well documented, optimal hydraulic solutions that add value and increases efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

As a part of the HYDEX-group, Systemhydraulikk Inc can provide a solution to whatever hydraulic need you might have.

One provider, full coverage. Can it be any easier?


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